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Industrial Solid Tires Why use it

Oct 25, 2017

The car slowly into our ordinary people home, before the people's request for the car may be just a simple means of transport, the usual car safety, warmth and can save oil and other aspects of the request is also getting higher and higher. Why industrial vehicles with solid tires? Why do you use pneumatic tires for domestic cars?

Tires as a single car with the air contact parts, its quality is good or bad will directly affect the safety of vehicles. We can often see the news from the puncture caused by traffic accidents.

There are many factors in the formation of puncture, when the tire pressure is too high, the tires per unit area of the pressure received by the tread wear is not average, the sidewall will be due to high pressure and become thinner, To the bumps or potholes when it is easy to puncture the accident, and when the tire pressure is too low when the tire will be a significant deformation, the shoulder contact with the air, this deformation will make the tire rotation is not even, Tire friction between the wire and the cord layer will produce a lot of heat, accelerate the aging of the tire to form a puncture. There is a reason is the foreign body puncture, the car at high speed, was punctured by the object, which led to puncture things are common

In fact, if the tires made of solid, not only save trouble, but also very safe. Today Xiaobian refers to the following points with you talk about why the tire is not solid.

On a car to take us to "distant", its peace is certainly the primary consideration of the elements, and solid tires in the safety is not as good as pneumatic tires, because the solid tires more prone to standing wave phenomenon.

What is standing wave phenomenon?

We all know that the weight of the car will make the tires and contact with the air in the local subtle deformation, and when the vehicle driving, the deformation of the local because there is no pressure to restore recovery. If you look at this point from the appearance of the point of view, the tire rotation a week, this point will produce a deformation and recovery process, although the deformation and recovery speed is very fast, but also the demand for time. When the vehicle is running at high speed, the tire will rotate for a week soon, the average car tires at 120km / h speed, every second will turn around 16 laps! If the tire recovery speed can not keep up with the tire speed, it will cause abnormal deformation of the standing wave phenomenon.

Standing wave phenomenon will make the tire repeated rapid deformation, which will lead to intense friction inside the tire and the rapid warming, abnormal high temperature and abnormal deformation of the tire structure layer and rubber layer, and eventually lead to the occurrence of puncture accident. Due to some physical characteristics, solid tires compared to pneumatic tires are more prone to standing wave phenomenon, high-speed, solid tires will be due to this phenomenon of standing waves and fragmentation of the situation, very risky.

The handling of a car is also an important factor in the impact of car safety. While the solid tires will increase the quality of the car under the reed, the handling of the vehicle greatly reduced

Whether it is out of peace thinking, or in the warm and economic aspects, solid tires are not as good as pneumatic tires. But the solid tires also have its advantages, that is, in the low-speed state, its safety, durability and load index are higher than inflatable tires, so some industrial vehicles, military vehicles, construction machinery, port airport towing vehicles And so will use this solid tires