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Industrial Solid Tires High load capacity

Oct 26, 2017

The tires corresponding to the pneumatic tires are solid tires, Industrial Solid Tires and the environment suitable for both is not the same, because the solid tires have good wear resistance, stab resistance and other properties, so in many harsh conditions can be a good fit ,Industrial Solid Tires At the same time, because the carcass is solid, so it is not prone to puncture the situation, increasing the safety of driving, but the comfort will be poor, Industrial Solid Tires the comfort of pneumatic tires better than solid tires, but not as good as solid tires mill.

Solid tires do not need to inflate, compared with the pneumatic tires, the deformation under the load is relatively small, and its high load capacity characteristics, Industrial Solid Tires but also because of its simple structure, so maintenance and use is also very convenient , But the solid tires are not suitable for driving on the highway, which is due to the solid tire cushioning performance is relatively poor, easy to damage the vehicle and loaded goods, in addition, driving on the highway is also easy to damage the road, Industrial Solid Tires and power loss will be great The

Now, as people continue to improve the safety awareness, the use of tires on the safety requirements are getting higher and higher, the following we come to see how to eliminate the solid tires of the security risks.

Most of the solid tires are used in harsh environments, Industrial Solid Tires although it has a good wear resistance, but also with particular attention to the process of running also pay attention to small broken glass, stones and other debris, is the use of tires Life is longer.

Solid tire is a kind of industrial tire suitable for low speed and high load running vehicle. In addition to the characteristics of pneumatic tire, Industrial Solid Tires it has the advantages of small starting resistance, simple structure, easy maintenance and use, small maintenance work, no inflatable, Industrial Solid Tires no Leaks and punches. Therefore, the safety, durability, puncture resistance, tear resistance, and economy of the solid tire are all good.