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Forklift wheel maintenance tips

Oct 18, 2017

一、The air pressure: 

1, pneumatic tires should be according to the current national standards "pressure load corresponding to the table" of the air;

 2, after the tyre should check whether all parts of the leak, found leakage should be timely repair and maintenance; 

3, the tire must ensure the normal internal pressure in use. As a long time operation or operation, should set the time to check the tire pressure; such as long time parking, front and rear axle must be set up; 

4, high pressure, easy to wear, tire crown crown burst; low air pressure, tire easily deformed and crushed; 

5, twin tyre, inflation should be consistent in two fetuses. Not a high pressure, a low pressure.

二、The tube: 

1, according to the size of the corresponding tube is equipped with forklift wheel specifications; 2, if the air leakage of tyre, tyre will cause early damage, need regular inspection; 

3, butyl rubber inner tube of high temperature resistance, good air tightness, high speed tire (tube) with butyl rubber inner tube; 

4, the inner tyre for separate storage that should be filled with the proper amount of air, shall not be folded flat or stacked; not stored separately, need to be placed within the tire and inflated amount.

三、The use of Renovation: 

1, check the forklift wheel, if found damaged, immediately repair; 

2, when the tread wear to wear signs, should stop using the renovation; 

3, to ensure the safety of driving, renovated tires are not allowed to make use of steering wheel (front).

Forklift wheel for the fork car flexibility, stability, security and has an important influence on the economy, to understand fully its performance, we can better do a good job of maintenance.