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Differnt area should choose different industry forklift tyres

Apr 20, 2017

Different industries have different operational requirements. The best forklift tyres for factories may not be the same as the best forklift tyres for logistics.

Here is an introduction to the different kinds of tyres that are best suited to different industries:

Cushion Press on Forklift tyres for factories

Factories producing a large quantity of goods typically require the use of forklifts to ensure that products can be stored and transported quickly and efficiently. The forklifts most commonly used in factories are counterbalance forklifts. Factories also commonly use three-wheel forklifts for better manoeuvring in tight spaces and high-reach forklifts for vertical storage of goods.

One of the best types of tyres for factory forklifts are cushion forklift tyres. They are made of solid rubber and are best suited to use on smooth surfaces, both indoors and on loading bays.

Solid resilient Tires Forklift tyres for logistics and transport

The logistics and transport industry requires a high degree of precision and efficiency. This often means that you will have very specific forklift requirements and may require the use of different types of forklifts.

Solid resilient forklift tyres for logistics are extremely comfortable for operators due to their superior shock absorption. They are also puncture proof and maintenance-free. These can be extremely valuable qualities when your business requires many hours of forklift driving as if often the case in logistics.

Penamatic solid tires Forklift tyres for warehouses

Warehouses often have a wide variety of different goods, and forklifts often need to be multi-purpose. Counterbalance forklifts, three-wheel forklifts, and high-reach forklifts are all commonly used in warehousing.

Pneumatic forklift tyres for warehouses offer a high degree of versatility since they are of a similar construction to regular car and truck tyres. This can be extremely helpful for warehouses in which forklifts are used for a range of different tasks.

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