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Cushion Press on Tires Stamping foundation

Oct 25, 2017

Tire pressure pad has a good stamping foundation, location, according to 104 National Road, the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, close to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail, convenient transportation. The mark on the placenta is marked with a matching rim. If the rim size is not correct, the tire pressure on the tire, will damage the liner, damage to the inner tube. When installing new tires, try using the new inner tube and pad to make sure you are already in place. After the rim is heated, the pad rubber can be squeezed out from the edge, and if the conditions are serious, the liner and inner tube will be damaged, the tire will be no problem. Tire pressure pads should be able to reduce the cause of tire overheating. In order to prevent the rubber pad rubber from being squeezed, a tire pressing washer can be installed between the tire and the edge. The anti-squeeze gasket can be made of galvanized or copper metal sheet, the pad pressure on the tire length is greater than the length of the flange valve hole between the two toes between the tires.

cause the tires in a considerable proportion of the heat through the rim, if there is a pad, pad together with a lot of heat, if the rubber is poor heat dissipation, it is easy to aging damage, so now basically no tubeless tires with the use of the belt Relative to the installation more convenient.

Tire car tires are usually pad, pad pressure on the tires on different specifications using the pad is not the same. Similar specifications can also be used with the same specifications of the liner, depending on the design of the liner to meet the requirements. Tape specifications need to have a logo, the tire on the tire pressure on the tire size is suitable for tire size, air cushion pressure on the choice of the tire must be selected according to specific specifications.

Your liner is a double belt or singles? If it is single, it is with a broken belt; open the tube to strengthen the place, or not fully open when the installation of the grip. If it is double, just like two bands, the yang will be rotten inside the tube; the best point outside the little points.

Carcass is the main skeleton of forklift tires, can withstand great impact, buffer pressure on the tire, such as forklift tires to withstand pressure, internal pressure and transverse shear. It is made of synthetic fibers after bonding with glue, after heat treatment and other processes, according to the size of the required size of the bandaged in the "lining", the tire pressure on the tire formation.

At some tire pressure, the cushioning pressure in the tire tire overload increases the bending deformation, the pressure of the pressure in the tire cord and the line increases, easily causing the broken part of the tire wall, the pad pressure in the tire loose and curtain fabric layer, Will exceed the design allowable pressure and tire ground pressure, resulting in increased heat, body temperature, load capacity decreased. At the same time due to contact with the ground shoulder wear, especially in the face of obstacles, even a small stone, the tire on the mat will cause crown blasting. As the front and rear axle of the different load on the tire pressure, decompression machine on the tire operating characteristics and steering wheel work characteristics are different, the road conditions are different. If the wear of each tire is not consistent, if the same bridge does not replace the tire on the same side, the same size, structure, grade and tire will accelerate tire wear.