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Cushion Press on Tires Smooth surface

Nov 06, 2017

Tire Cushion Belt is used to prevent rims damage to the inner tube, Cushion Press on Tires so in order to better protect the inner tube, must be based on the width of the wheel to choose the correct cushion belt specifications, the rim must be kept clean, the appearance of sort, smooth surface. As a result, it is important to check the rim of the damaged cushion when it is used.

The biggest difference between a tyre roller and other types of rollers is that its compaction rollers are inflated tires, its compaction effect is found in the use of transport vehicles, Cushion Press on Tires because the tire pressure can be based on the specific conditions and specific requirements of the construction to adjust, so that it is in the best working conditions, so as to obtain good compaction quality.

At present, the main application of China's tire rollers are 9~16t, 16~25t, 20~30t series roller, suitable for all kinds of soil conditions compaction work, can roller compacted asphalt concrete, dry hard cement concrete pavement layer, can also crush viscous, semi-viscous, sand mixture, and other basic layer materials, Widely used in highway, airport runway, municipal plaza and other projects.

Compared with the steel wheel compaction, the advantage of tyre compaction is that its rubbing action and can make the compacted material have good sealing. When the tyre is compacted, Cushion Press on Tires it can deform with the soil at the same time, the pressure action time is long, the contact area is big, can knead and function in a closed space, the compaction effect is good, the flexible effect of the pneumatic tyre can protect the pavement roughness at the same time, the coarse aggregate of the pavement layer is not crushed, which makes the pavement rough, and has good antiskid performance. The combined effect of the flexible compaction of the pneumatic tyre and the vertical compaction of the body weight, repeatedly rubbing rolling asphalt mixture, so that the road surface watertight greatly improved, so that the paving layer to obtain uniform compaction, to ensure the high grade road surface rolling quality, especially for asphalt concrete pavement better.

The Tyre road Roller is made of a special wide base smooth tyre. The contact surface of the tyre and the ply is approximate to the rectangle (unlike the steel wheel and the floor, which is only a narrow strip), in the whole contact surface the layer is in the high pressure area, Cushion Press on Tires as shown in the figure, because of the elastic deformation of tires, the tire in the rotation of a certain angle α, the contact pressure is maintained in the maximum operating value range. The pressure distribution in the α angle range is basically uniform, which ensures that the coarse aggregate of the pavement layer is not crushed, maintain the integrity of the roadbed, do not destroy the bonding between the compaction layer, the road will not appear cracks, Cushion Press on Tires corrugated and other defects; At the same time, the kneading effect of the pneumatic tyre makes the paving material deform in a closed interval, so that the region A1, A2, Cushion Press on Tires The compaction degree in A3, A4 and A5 tends to be even; because the tires from the work position 1 to the work position 2 continuously at constant speed v rolling, the tire and the floor contact angle α and the action area A1~a5 basically remain unchanged, Cushion Press on Tires so that the entire rolling area in a smooth transition, to avoid the road to excessive extrusion phenomenon, The uniform compaction degree of the whole pavement is ensured.