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Cushion Press on Tires Features

Nov 02, 2017

With the continuous development of society, people's living standards continue to improve, the pursuit of material enjoyment, beach mats become a beach leisure vacation indispensable things, more and more people like. Ordinary beach cushion method In the ordinary sewing machine, the pressure on the tire using artificial compaction of the beach mat, and then sewing; due to the use of artificial compaction method, due to artificial pressure caused by uneven, resulting in easy to sew on the beach mat Produce wrinkles, tire deformation, and low production efficiency

The new technical scheme adopts a pressure pad device, which comprises a cylinder assembly, a guide rail, a pressure groove and a movable block; the pressure tank is a long strip; the pressure groove ends are respectively fixed on the movable block; wherein each movable block is connected to a cylinder The elongated shaft of the assembly; when the extension axis extends, the pressure tank is recessed; when the expansion shaft is restored, the movable block groove is lifted. Preferably, the cylinder assembly provided on both sides of the pressure tank is controlled by a computer to synchronize the movement. Preferably, the air cushion is pressed against the cylinder assembly on the tire, on both sides of the pressure vessel, controlled by a computer to control the simultaneous opening of the solenoid valve of each cylinder assembly, and then the cylinder is controlled by the solenoid valve. The utility model is mainly embodied in the pressure pad device, through the pressure tank on both sides of the cylinder assembly, the pressure tank pressure, synchronous recovery; the beach pad is uniform, usually the beach cushion of the invention The thickness is reduced by more than 50 mm, and the thickness of the beach mat can be reduced to about 20 mm utility model, the pad pressure on the tire and needle stroke can be greatly reduced. At the same time, after quilting, the beach mat without stretching shrink, buffer pressure on the tire air is a clean energy, pollution-free, through the solenoid valve control cylinder movement, simple control, simple operation. At the same time the utility model adopts the pneumatic way, the air cushion pressure on the tire is a kind of clean energy,

A pressure pad device is characterized in that it comprises a cylindrical assembly, a guide rail, a pressure tank, a pad, a movable block; the groove is an elongated shape; both ends of the press groove are respectively fixed with a movable block; The block is moved up and down on the railway; that each movable block is connected to the protruding shaft of a cylinder; the air cushion is pressed against the tire, and when the protruding shaft is extended, the pressure groove is recessed; When recovered, the slot is lifted.

Pad device according to claim 2, the cylinder assembly provides a cross-bank media cabinet which is controlled by a computer-controlled solenoid valve which is assembled at the same time and is then opened by a solenoid valve.