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Comparison of solid tires with traditional tires

Jul 30, 2017

     Solid tires high elasticity, strong heat dissipation, good wear resistance, very good stability, touch the ground area is larger, the ability to grip strong. Solid tire long life, low deformation rate, less impact on the forklift, reducing the cost of repair forklift, an increase of the driver's comfort. Compared with the traditional tires, solid tire price list Xiaobian informed us that the advantages of solid tires mainly in:

1. The use of imported fiber glue as the base of the tire after the tire to improve the heat function, so that the tire running heat greatly reduced: solid tires and rims are through the co-operation to fit into a piece, the carcass fever too high The swelling will cause the tire to slide. The fiber has a good rigidity, hardness, very good, small deformation, expansion coefficient is small, low heat and other advantages, thus fundamentally eliminating the tire heat caused by the expansion of the hub and the occurrence of the slide scene.

2. Tire dislocations and cracks are formed by many factors, in addition to the use of the process of Mishap and other external factors, the internal factors mainly because of the aging of rubber formed, and mainly to heat aging, light aging. The use of fiber rubber to reduce the heat generated by solid tires, and then eliminate the heat aging of the rubber damage caused by the cracks, out of blocks and other scenes.