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After detailed ten steps to replace the spare tire tires spin nuts

Jan 12, 2017

Pierced tires, flat tire or tire, it will cause the car breaks down on the way, a lot of times you will find that when you don't have something when it appears frequently in your field of vision, and when you need it urgently, but I can't find it.

When you are on the road when tires during you difficult to find local support or repair the tire is, call for help, it must allow time, if happens to you on the highway, and would be even more complicated, or do it yourself, learn a skill, and came much faster than for help, and change the spare tire is not difficult.

First of all, you have to find a safe place. Tires when cars can still open, so you have to pull over, the best don't change on the road, this will avoid what "big green" fix the car you drive distracted picked is on its way. Then, make sure you can find the Jack, remove nut wrench and tire spare tire. Collect these and change the spare tire start.

1) stop and pull up the parking brake and pull tight, lest the car before and after the move.

2) with a wrench to loosen the flat tire nut individually, usually counterclockwise rotation is to loosen the nut. Simply loosen, do not unscrew.

3) Jack, find a flat tire beside steel pivots, not in the door edge, the pivot from the outer edge of about 10 cm, sure is a steel frame, put the Jack in the following.

4) up Jack, when increased attention, Jack stand, do not tilt, or after the lowering of the body one more time.

5) flat tire after the hanging, stop up Jack, and then use the wrench to loosen the nut come off one by one.

6) hands holding the flat tire, remove the tire. If you can't, you can use the feet in a tire rim, the entire wheel is loose, and then take them down.

7) hold the spare tire mounted to the hub, and attention on them when the wheel nut hole and align the wheel nut hole on the Project Springboard, this takes some time, patience can be.

8) tire nut by hand, then the nuts individually with a tire wrench twist in the end, without great effort, as long as a twist in the end.

9) after all the nuts are screwed to the end, zu slow down Jack, spare tires powder.

10) don't forget, again with a tire wrench tighten the nuts. If your strength is not very big, then gathered all its strength to tighten it, if you are broad-shouldered and solidly-built, that your 80% strength is sufficient.