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2012 study on development situation analysis of China tire industry

Oct 02, 2015

Business on April 26 by the AQSIQ released 12 March series car recall orders, several of them involving car tires replaced. People's attention once again focused on the tire industry. And recently, State Legal Office released has on defects car products recalled Management Ordinance (sought views draft), which first involves tire products of recalled; domestic environment so, abroad environment more is makes tire enterprise as mount in back, EU "tire label method" since November 1, 2012 up forced implementation; Japan also Yu 2010 on began implemented voluntary of tire label system; Korea also launched has tire label system. All the signs indicate that, in China's tire industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

In fact, compared with the international top level domestic tire production technology, technical level and product quality gap is not large, and even can be said to have been very close to the international level. But now, in the face of complex and volatile international environment, ought to be thinking about transformation and upgrading of China's tire industry, Vanguard enterprise, including the triangle group was already one step ahead.