Non Marking Press on Tires for Indoor Work Forklift

Non-marking tyres are widely used to avoid black marks on warehouse floors.

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Non Marking Press On Tires for indoor work Forklift

Non Marking Tires 

Non-marking tyres are widely used to avoid black marks on warehouse floors. Grocery or food processing plants are usually required to employ them in their factories namely for hygiene reasons.The colors of these tyres may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but most are either Grey or white.

Advantages of non-marking tyres:

●These tires reduce floor marking; especially warehouse floors with light-coloured coating and surface finish

●Reduces floor cleaning requirements and labour cost

●The structure of these tyres are similar to that of solid cushion tires

●The performance characteristics are the same as black tires.

●These tires  still maintain good traction, low rolling resistance, low heat build-up, load carrying capacities and tread life due to the use of silica based compound


Limitations of non-marking tyres:

●Higher cost in need. Same size tire, Non marking tires  price is much higher than Black tires. 

●These tire wear more quickly; As carbon black is removed from the tyres their lifespan is much shorter 

●They may not leave markings on the floor but they create dust invisible to the eye

●White non-marking tyres do not have anti-static properties. When operating in flammable or explosive settings the equipment needs to be fitted with earthing stra

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Size of Tire

Types of Pattern

Net Weight(Kg)
Max Load (Kg)
InchMillmeterCounter Balance Lift Trucks Other Industrial Vehicles
19x5x5228.6x127x127SM6.50 890790785715685
210x4x6 1/2254x101.6x165.1SM6.00 720640635580555
310x5x6 1/2254x127x165.1SM7.40 940835830755725
410x6x6 1/2254x152.4x165.1SM9.00 116010351030935895
510 1/2x5x5266.7x127x127SM8.00 1020910905820785
610 1/2x6x5266.7x152.4x127SM10.40 1295115511451040995
710 1/2x5x6 1/2266.7x127x165.1SM8.20 1000890885805770
810 1/2x6x6 1/2266.7x152.4x165.1SM9.60 124011051100995955
912x4 1/2x8305x114.3x203.2SM8.60 970865860780745
1012x5x8305x127x203.2SM10.00 10509701020950850
1113 1/2x5 1/2x8342.9x139.7x203.2SM13.00 14001245123511251075
1213 1/2x7 1/2x8342.9x190.5x203.2SM20.00 20651835182516601590
1314x4 1/2x8355.6x114.3x203.2SM/TR12.20 1085965960870835
1415x5x11 1/4381x127x285.8SM12.60 1290115011451040995
1515 1/2x5x10393.7x127x254SM14.00 13651215121011001050
1615 1/2x6x10393.7x152.4x254SM16.80 17351545153513951335
1716x5x10 1/2406.4x127x266.7SM/TR16.00 14001245124011251075
1816x6x10 1/2406.4x152.4x266.7SM/TR19.27 17751580157014301365
1916x7x101/2406.4x178.8x266.7SM/TR21.10 21551915190517301655
2016 1/4x5x11 1/4413x127x285SM/TR14.60 14151260125011351090
2116 1/4x6x11 1/4413x152x285SM/TR17.60 17801585157514801370
2216 1/4x7x11 1/4413x178x285SM/TR20.00 21501915190017301655
2317x5x12 1/8431.8x127x308SM16.00 14601300129511751125
2418x5x12 1/8457.2x127x308SM18.00 15251355135012251175
2518x6x12 1/8457x152x308SM/TR23.50 19451735172015651500
2618x7x12 1/8457x178x308SM/TR28.03 23702110209519051820
2718x8x12 1/8457x203.2x308SM/TR30.10 27902485247022452145
2818x9x12 1/8457x229x308SM/TR32.00 32152860284025802470
2920x8x16508x203.2x406.4SM/TR28.40 27952490247522502150
3020x9x16508x228.6x406.4SM/TR35.50 31902840282025652455
3121x7x15533x178x381SM/TR33.60 26652370235521402050
3221x8x15533.4x203.2x381SM/TR38.60 31402795278025252415
3321x9x15533.4x228.6x381SM/TR41.00 36203220320029102785
3422x8x16558.8x203.2x406.4SM38.00 32552895288026152500
3522x9x16559x229x406SM/TR43.00 37453335331530102880
3622x12x16559x305x406SM62.00 52304655462542054025
3722x14x16559x355.6x406 SM69.00 62205535550050004785
3822x16x16559x406x406 SM79.00 72056415637557955545
3926x10660x250x480SM68.00 48454310428538953725
620x250x480SM59.00 45204070399535953475
4128x12x22711x304x558.8SM79.30 62655575554550354820
4228x14x22711x355.6x558.8SM95.00 74506630659059905730
4328x16x22711x406.4x558.8SM110.00 86357685764069406645

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